Moving to Japan?
Allow us to take care of the procedure,
enjoy your new start.   

Ricky's Immigration Consulting, a workshop led by Sanai Certified AP Legal Office, provides consultancy and application services in work permits, spouse visas and permanent residency for Japan.

Our application services are fully certified and excellent value covering all aspects of your case.

Contact us today for budget and quality services!

Supplying services for:

> Work Permits


> Spouse Visas


> Permanent Residency


> Start-up Visas


> Change of Status


> Extension of Status

 S. Y., 29, from Taiwan 

Thanks to Ricky's quick services, I can start preparing for my job earlier than the scheduled date. ”

 S. A., 28, from Taiwan  

 Z. X., 30,  from Beijing  

A friend of mine introduced Ricky to me as my application was denied.  The reapplication process was quite stressful, but things got better.  With Ricky's Consulting, I successfully got permission at the critical moment! 

Our family will choose Ricky again for the next application.  Ricky’s services and assistance are awesome. 

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