We offer documentation services including preparation of your application form and supporting documents for
Work Permits (Dependent and Family Visas),
Spouse Visas,
Permanent Residency,
Start-up Visas,
Extension of Status and
Change of Status
from JPY 55,000 per person (Incl. consumption tax).
 Agency Services 
Our agency services cover sounding out opinions of the immigration officers, submitting applications and receiving permissions at the Immigration Bureau, which may make you wait patiently in a long queue.
The fee for our agency services is from JPY 27,500 per service (Incl. consumption tax).
 Free Consultation 
Our consultation dialogues via text chat or via e-mails regarding the immigration procedures is free of charge.

*Languages available

 Language Services 
Language services by native Japanese speakers are available.
Our language services are specialized for incorporation of corporate entities and for visa applications, the documents for which are to be written by or printed in Japanese.
*Actual operating expenses (including but not limited to accommodation costs, transportation costs, investigation costs, communication costs, costs for document-collections and charges imposed by government or other authorities) will be added to the above charge.